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Eyeglass Cleaning Wipes

Eyeglass Cleaning Wipes

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Eyeglass Cleaning Wipes
Made of full wood pulp wet-strength paper towels with surfactants and deionized water, effectively removes stains and grease from the surface of lenses.
Each piece is individually wrapped.
Quick-drying and portable. Can be used for all kinds of lens lenses, electronic screen dust removal, oil removal, cleaning care.

Product Specification: 100PCS/box
Product size: 60mm*120mm
Function: Dusting, cleaning, degreasing, quick-drying
Ingredients: wood pulp wet strength paper, non-ionic surfactant, deionized water.
Scope of application: used for a variety of lenses, lenses, dust and oil removal cleaning, but also can be used for laboratory instruments such as microscopes, magnifiers, displays and other cleaning care.

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